Windows 10 Gamer Lite 20H2 pt-BR Nov 2020 Torrent Descargar

Windows 10 Gamer Lite 20H2 pt-BR Nov 2020 Virus free

Windows 10 Gamer Lite 20H2

Espectro fantasma de jugador BASE W10

Producción: 20H2 –


Arquitectura: x64

Idioma: pt-BR (Nativo)

BIOS: UEFI/heredado


Md5: 0AC19734A6C02955000E23A39F986DA1

======== ELIMINADO ======


tienda de microsoft

El lector

Cortana – Trabaja con diversión

========= OBS =========

OneDrive – Poder Ser Reinstalando Novamente

LOJA / XBOX / GamerBar – Poderar Ser Reinstalando Novamente sin app GHOST TOOLBOX

Microsoft Store: una aplicación gratuita para instalar GHOST TOOLBOX

Piense mantido en WINDOWS DEFENDER, pero hay una aplicación que Desativa Defender en Facilidade de Acesso no meu initiar, ou na barra de pesquisa

==== INTEGRADO =====




Calculadora clásica

nuevo fondo de pantalla

Visor de imágenes clásico

Visual C++ de 2015 a 2019




Windows 10 Gamer Lite 20H2 pt-BR Nov 2020


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Activator for Windows and Office KMS Pico 9.0.4 Torrent Download

Activator for Windows and Office KMS Pico 9.0.4 Virus free

Change log

– Critical bugs repaired.

– Fixed logic bugs.

– Unistaler remove the driver.

– Simulator switch.

– Corrected bugs reported.

for more information see the readme file inside

———————————————– – – ——————–

———————————————– – – ——————–

To know, learn and get everything signed up here


For my 1700+ torrents

credit to the original creator encoder

Activator for Windows and Office KMS Pico 9.0.4


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Windows 10 X64 Pro 21H2 incl Office 2019 it-IT SEP 2021 {Gen2} torrent download

Windows 10 X64 Pro 21H2 incl Office 2019 it-IT SEP 2021 {Gen2} Virus free

Windows 10 X64 Pro 21H2 including Office 2019 it-IT SEP 2021

Version 21H2 Build

* File:

* Size: 4.90GB

* Format: bootable ISO

* CRC32: 6270a0f5

* MD5: 7ea490515af3a2cc6b6f298dd4dd1a49

* SHA-1: 2296d03ffe9fa7b16e901f11a3932357cb9b1b7f

Integrated / Pre-installed:

* Office 2019 ProPlus VL 64bit

* Service Stack:

* Cumulative updates:

* KB5005033

* NET Framework

* Updates collected for

* NET Framework and:

* KB5004331


* Windows 10 Pro

* Office 2019 Pro Plus

* Driver: HWID and KMS Online

* UEFI available

* (Use the attached Rufus USB tool to make it UEFI bootable)

* Diagnosis and Recovery Tool Set (only)

* compressed to recovery format ()

* Create bootable USB (highly recommended) with Rufus,

* (installed) or burn to DVD-DL at low speed.

* Windows_Addict, author of the Windows activation script

* Hope you will enjoy this release!


* Generation 2

Windows 10 X64 Enterprise LTSC 2019 ESD en-AS NOV 2020

Version 1809 Build

* File:

* Size: 3.87GB

* Format: bootable ISO

* SOURCE: X21-96425

* CRC32: ebffe547

* MD5: cb4bd3a5efca8914c4445081f9087b0c

* SHA-1: 6cc70ae34c0abad63bd021f9e6246caecea37ab6

Integrated / Pre-installed:

* Service stack update:

* KB4587735

* Cumulative updates:

* KB4586793

* .NET Framework

* .NET framework:


* Updates collected for

* .NET Framework and:

* KB4580979

* Flash Player Security Update:

* KB4580325

Installation Complete / After Installation:

* Defense updates


* Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 – STD

* Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 – KMS

* STD = Standard Installation – For those who have their own license key

* KMS = Activated by KMS38

* UEFI available

* (Use the attached Rufus USB tool to make it UEFI bootable)

* compressed to recovery format ()

* Create bootable USB (highly recommended) with Rufus,

* (installed) or burn to DVD-R at low speed.

* Windows_Addict, author of the Windows activation script

* Hope you will enjoy this release!


* Generation 2

Windows 10 X64 Pro 21H2 incl Office 2019 it-IT SEP 2021 {Gen2}


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Pixologic ZBrush 2021 x86-x64 Update download torrent

Pixologic ZBrush 2021 Virus free

Dynamesh is ZBrush’s digital clay. It reconstructs the topology of your model while carving while creating a smooth and even surface so you can add great detail. Use steps between different resolutions and changes in your model at all levels. It allows you to create complex templates, but still make big changes as needed. If you’re a conceptual artist or illustrator, ZBrush bridges the 2D and 3D gap.

Assemble 2D images where you can make real-time changes while maintaining accurate lighting and depth. Paint models with pixel-by-pixel control and customizable brushes. With GoZ, you can create complex textures in PhotoShop and see how they apply to your scene as you work.

ZBrush provides support for many other multilingual enhancements, such as a new conversion tool, Gizmo 3D, and a new text creation feature that allows artists to create text and logos with real-time editing. And that’s just the beginning!

Pixologic ZBrush 2021 feature overview

Flexible curve mode option

Liquid alternative to curve mode

Directories that copy Gizmo Meshin

Remember the size of the drawing

Remember the dynamic mode of the bet size

Estimated geometry

New PolyGroup with normal algorithm

Added the Draw Transformation Boundary option to hide the transformation boundary

Increased OBJ input file size

Larger print size for the 3D print center

New snakes hook brushes for Scultpris Pro

Ability to save the default boot material

QuickSaves can now be saved to any hard drive

New activation and license management system with exclusive login support

Create transition maps to the highest subdivision level if HD geometry is present

OBJ Import does not accept color point information

Presets added to Decimation Master

Technical data and system requirements

Operating system: 64-bit versions of Windows Vista or later. (32-bit operating systems are no longer supported).

CPU: Core2duo or AMD equivalent to SSE2 or later.

RAM: 4 GB (6+ GB is highly recommended)

Hard Disk: 8 GB of free hard disk space for ZBrush and scratch disk.

Graphics Card: Most cards made in 2008 or later. It must be compatible with OpenGL or later

Pixologic ZBrush 2021


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Among Us Free Download Torrent

Among Us Virus free

A fun and popular online party game Among Us is a paid online multiplayer game released in 2018, but a huge online trailer in 2020. Among us, developed by the InnerSloth team, we offer hours of fun in a minimalist game environment. The game, which is part of the social towing genre, takes place in a spaceship and involves crew members and one cheat. The task is to find the fraudster before he kills everyone! Each player is assigned a role as a member of the crew or a fraudster. At any given time, players can create a party of up to 4 people and join the game. You can also play the game online or on local Wi-Fi; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); What is our purpose? It is a survival game, in which crew members must perform the assigned tasks and vote the fraudster. On the other hand, the fraudster must kill the entire crew or impede task completion. If you are drawn in as an apparent crew member, the game becomes much more enjoyable because you can kill them all in one go before you are discovered! The game takes place on a spaceship and offers 3 levels. Players move around this alien ship with basic forward, back, right and left movements. All players must move from one room to another, completing tasks without giving any other reason to tune them. Players can only speak and call an emergency meeting to discuss and move a suspect only when a player dies; if the game contains 10 players, you can have more than one cheat. By doing so, the game becomes more fun and sends crew members on a wild pursuit to catch the killers. In addition, deceased crew members become ghosts and can sit back and watch the rest of the game; The game consists of 3 cards When you play Under Us on your Windows device, you access a total of 3 cards: Skeld, Polus and Mira HQ. The standard map is The Skeld, a spaceship with a circular plan with balanced spaces and congestion. This card has very little room for fraudsters to kill members without being seen. The other two cards are much larger, allowing the fraudster to get more; how do you kill in us? As a cheat, you have to stay in the shadows and sneak in to other announced players. Once a crew member walks past, you can jump out of your hide and kill them before they have a chance to report your identity. For example, if a crew member completes a designated task in the lab, you can kill them, turn off the lights, and hide in any of the vents to kill another; What are the cheats in us? The cheat in Below Us is a role randomly assigned to one of a total of 10 players. The remaining players come into the team as co-players. In the game, the fraudster is a shape-shifting alien who looks like the other crew members, but is only there to sabotage the ship and kill every player in the game; does the game offer customization options? Characters among us are unique in that the game offers a variety of fun customization and polishing options. Crew members have the option of choosing a costume, playing with different colors and skins, and also hanging out with a hamster pet. The game includes sticky notes, toilet paper and other random items to add some comedy; does the game have high quality graphics? elementsgraphic, and also does not include any additional sound effects. Instead, the game offers a minimalist design that tends to appeal to people who are passionate about meme culture. The only side effects you will notice are those that cause a feeling of doubt. The game also includes a chat feature that becomesactive the moment a member is found; is it easy to play among us? Once you download us to the computer, you can start playing right away. The game works with basic forward, backward, jump and other such controls. Also, the game doesn’t last long, so you can play it for 10 to 15 minutes and then start working again. The only downside to the game is that sometimes players leave the game in the middle, or you stay in the lobby for a game; to what platforms are there among us? Since the game below provides platform support, you can play the game from your Windows device or Android or iOS phone. The last two are available for free and include just a few in the game; why is it so popular among us? was the simple game it offers. The game also became popular because Twitch’s prominent users started streaming it, users started creating lots of fan art, and the game’s memes started spreading on social media as well; are there other options? Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout is a game very similar to Among Us and features a total of 60 players. If you’re looking for a game that plays in space, you can’t go wrong with Neptune Lander Elite. Other fun games you might want to visit are Brawl Stars and; Should I Download Among Us? He has an arbitrary plan with characters among us trying to kill or vote other players. The party game also offers 3 cards, an in-game chat feature and various customization options. So if you’re looking for a fun game that offers hours of entertainment, download Below Us;

Among Us


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Adobe Flash Player Free Download Torrent

Adobe Flash Player Virus free

Important Note: This software has been downloaded since 2021. The button will be redirected to Adobe Flash Player EOL page-desktop ‘); }); Although the program makes it easy to search for programs and websites rich in multimedia, developers use it to create content such as; Whether you use Flash as an add-on or as a full-fledged software, it provides excellent video and audio display for multimedia content. The program supports a large number of file formats, including MP3, AAC and In addition, it works with BiteArray and; You often need Adobe Flash Player on websites that host video or game content. However, as of 2021, this software has been discontinued, and the content created for it will now be blocked, and will Adobe Flash Player be discontinued? As of January 12, 2021, Adobe will no longer support Adobe Flash Player and will not play Flash content. within. This is due to various security issues with the software, as well as technological advances and the best available alternatives. Browsers will eventually discontinue this tool, and Adobe strongly recommends that anyone who needs to be removed no longer receive updates, and Adobe will constantly ask users to uninstall it to make sure their systems are not vulnerable. Fortunately, more stable applications like HTML5, WebGL, and WebAssemble are good replacements for this, and most browsers already use them instead of Flash; Flash Player is available for various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone. Therefore, you can use the tool on different devices. For Android, the software sinks deep into the system like a separate Windows, and you can use the Chrome add-on to get the most out of your media creation and viewing experience. Adobe has even introduced the Adobe Animate platform, which is part of Adobe CC, as a more comprehensive way to get the most out of the Flash Players series; many developers use software to create tools and games. Interactive. You will see that Flash Player is used on websitesrich media like YouTube and on streaming platforms like; Is it necessary to have an add-on or software for such multimedia content? Flash Player allows you to play videos and games in full screen. The program supports mice and keyboards in all browsers, operating systems and with the help of software you can use infinite browsing, relative mouse coordinates, mouse lock, middle click and right click capabilities, and another Flash Player works great on Windows computers and offers various shortcuts great video players . Occasionally, however, it can be easy to make games designed for Flash simple and minimalist. However, they need a lot of resources. As such, many web browsers strive to keep up; Flash games can be difficult to play with older devices. Fortunately, you won’t have too many problems with newer systems, especially those with the Windows interface? Compared to Sinfig Studio, ACDSee Video Studio and other similar programs, Adobe Flash Player has a simpler and cleaner interface. The software uses code snippets to create a work environment effortlessly. It also allows beginners to easily learn the dynamics of functions. User controls are quite simple and do not require any technical knowledge. Developers around the world also love to create, view and edit Flash Player for media files. Since the program still runs in the background, it does not interfere with your workflow. To use Flash Player, you don’t have to install third-party applications or go through various settings from time to time; Adobe Flash Player does not require serious troubleshooting. With the support of the IT giant, the tool is efficient and; More importantly, it gets updates regularly and can you expect new features to be introduced in video quality from time to time? With features such as GPU hardware optimization, Adobe Flash Player provides video playbackof incredible quality. . The program also uses sets of premium discs to suit everyone; In addition, the Flash Player plugin for Microsoft Windows has optimized and customizable bitrate streaming with support for HDS and RTMP. Due to the smooth compression, the tool can use all types of media, and Flash Player is not a great choice for animation. However, with tools such as Toon Boom Studio and Anime Studio, the program faced stiff competition in this category. While these options offer additional features, such as automatic lip sync, they may not handle the main drawbacks well. Lately, people have been worried about the security risks associated with the program. Fortunately, you can rely on regular updates to keep your system running; It should also be noted that the Flash Player plugin requires certain permissions to operate; In addition to these minor issues, the program works well on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and other versions of the operating software, the latest version of the add-on for Adobe Flash Player is fully compatible with web browsers and operating systems. ’64 -bit operation. The developers have solved some permanent problems. The screen no longer freezes and gives no indication of untimely falls. You will need to restart the program at any time to continue. Adobe also slightly reduces the system resources required to run programs. As such, it works best on older hardware, and Adobe Flash Player can be well integrated with Adobe CC and other products in the category. The tool functions as a browser add-on, as well as a full-fledged platform for developing interactive media content, including: Easy-to-use but comprehensive media tool Adobe Flash Player is specifically designed for multimedia Flash video files for streaming in the browser. Compared to previous versions, this version is a big step forward in terms of performance,characteristic and; New features have been developed to take advantage of browsers and 64-bit operating systems. As such, the tool is now more efficient for beginners, as well as for web developers who want to take advantage of media-rich applications. Since it is free to use, there is no reason to miss it.

Adobe Flash Player


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Microsoft Windows 10 Home and Pro x64 Clean ISO download

Microsoft Windows 10 Home and Pro x64 Clean ISO Virus free

Microsoft Windows 10 Home and Pro x64 Clean ISO

Note: This installation file contains Windows 10 Professional a
Windows 10 Home. See your product keys to determine which
the products are included in your subscription

Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Pro is designed for opportunity SMEs
organizations to manage their devices and applications, to protect their business data
facilitating remote and mobile scenarios along with cloud exploitation
technologies for their organizations. As well as small and medium
business, Windows 10 Pro devices would be a good choice for organizations
support for CYOD programs

Windows 10 Home
Windows 10 Home is the final version of Windows 10 for regular users
It offers a familiar and personal experience combined with new innovations for
to do things and have more fun. New features include: a brand new network
a browser designed to do things online; Windows Hello what consumer vendors and
warm welcome and comfortable access *; and great new multitasking features
including clicking several applications on the screen and creating virtual desktops
for more space

File Name: Language: English
SHA1: 60CCE9E9C6557335B4F7B18D02CFE2B438A8B3E2

PLEASE NOTE: This is pure ISO with no changes. There is no instigator in Torrent. You can download the stimulator here

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x64 Pure ISO

Windows 10 Enterprise is based on Windows 10 Pro, adding premium features
designed to meet the needs of large and medium-sized organizations
(including large academic institutions), as an extended defense
against modern security threats, full flexibility in OS implementation
updating and maintaining options; as well as a complete device and
application management and management capabilities

File Name: Language: English
SHA1: 30AD1CDF5D0670F12788005131E24862F6AB8AAB

PLEASE NOTE: This is pure ISO with no changes. There is no instigator in Torrent. You can download the stimulator here

Microsoft Windows 10 Home and Pro x64 Clean ISO


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KeyTweak download

KeyTweak Virus free

Change keyboard layout Not happy with your computer keyboard layout? KeyTweak is free software that allows you to reassign keyboard keys. If you change your mind and want to change it again, it’s easy to reset all the cards at the touch of a button. You can also turn off the keys, turn on others, and save a replacement with just a few. KeyTweak? For efficient users, there is nothing like the keys on the keyboard being displayed correctly according to your needs. KeyTweak allows you to change the behavior of the keyboard when you press its buttons. After using KeyTweak, your keys will run (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); KeyTweak is useful for people who work with alternative keyboard layouts, such as using a computer in another country. You may also need to customize the keyboard to a specific computer program or game. KeyTweak is a small, lightweight utility (less than 500 KB) developed by Travis Krumsik. The program is available on PCs with Windows Vista. It is also compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows 7. Although KeyTweak is no longer developed and supported, it runs on Windows 10 machines. KeyTweak is not available for Macs. KeyTweak alternatives include Sharpkeys, Autohotkey, Google Input Tools for PC, and a portable on-screen keyboard. How to install KeyTweak? Download KeyTweak from Softonic easily and safely. All you have to do is run the installer executable file and then follow the on-screen instructions, including the license agreement. Then go to the Start menu and find the KeyTweak submenu. There you will also find a guide and removal program. To launch the program, simply click on the KeyTweak entry in the KeyTweak menu. How to use KeyTweak When you open KeyTweak, the main window displays a keyboard image along with a menu bar, a conversion section, a keyboard control section, a special buttons section, and an edit section. Hold and buttonsto switch between full and half training modes. . You can also access the KeyTweak guide here from the Help menu. Note that the assigned keyboard is not specific to your keyboard; It is universal. Below the menu bar at the top of the window, the “Reset” section contains a list of keys and buttons that are currently used to restore the default settings and display Raw; Keyboard control is where you can select a new reassignment for the selected key. This can be done using the drop-down list and the “Reassign” button. The special buttons to the right of the window allow you to reassign some (not all) special buttons that your keyboard may have, such as movie playback controls. In the lower right corner, the pending change area displays the changes that will take effect the next time you restart your computer. The full / half training mode buttons at the bottom of the window allow you to switch between the two corresponding training modes. At first glance, using KeyTweak may seem difficult to use, but a comprehensive guide contains step-by-step instructions. Just select the key on the keyboard you want to reassign. It will match the keys on your own keyboard and have its own number. By clicking on the virtual key, you will see its current purpose in the “Keyboard Control” section. Then go to the Select New Reassignment drop-down list to select a new mapping for this key. Then click the “Reassign” button and you will see that this reassignment will appear in the “Incomplete Changes” section. Any changes you make with KeyTweak require a restart to take effect. Then click the “Apply” button to apply the changes, and the program will allow you to restart your computer immediately. You can also stop reassignment,by clicking the Clear All button. You can repeat this process for any number of keys, making new assignments or disabling the key function. After rebooting, the keyboard will be displayed as you defined it when using the program. KeyTweak is ideal for rethinking individual keys and fixing minor keyboard issues, rather than changing the behavior of the entire keyboard. Keep in mind that the changes you make to KeyTweak are global, so they will affect all users of the device. Full learning mode is an alternative method of reassigning selected keys. Pressing the Full Learning mode button will open a new window. By pressing the “Start Learning Mode” button, you can select the key on the current manual keyboard for one location (№1) and the second key for another location (№2), and then reassign №1 to №2. Half Teach mode was not useful because it is essentially the same method as the default key reset method. Does KeyTweak have any restrictions? Although it is an effective program for changing the way the keyboard works, KeyTweak has some limitations. KeyTweak can’t combine keys, so you can’t, for example, assign Ctrl-Alt-Del to a single keystroke. It also cannot affect the function keys on laptops or the Pause / Pause key. Some users may also be upset that not all the special keys on their keyboard are free keystrokes. There are many reasons why you can change your keyboard behavior. You can constantly mistakenly press the wrong key on a new laptop. Or you may need to change the keyboard design to run a specific application or game. KeyTweak can help you in a simple and effective way, despite some limitations. KeyTweak is even useful if your keyboard is broken and some keys no longer work. This is a free program that is a simple solutionto translate the input signals of the keyboard so that they exactly meet the needs.



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Windows 10 Digital Activator v1.3.9 Portable – DeGun TPB.rar Scaricare Torrent

Windows 10 Digital Activator v1.3.9 Portable - DeGun TPB.rar Virus free


… …

… … .. :: iiiir; io :::: .. .. :: iirr7 :, …

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i5N227r; rii; rir; rrrrr: io; io :: irrrr; LY5XG0U. .715u251vriiii: iirrr; I ::: irir; 7LJYSPXuji

.: 71SjYL7vYiirL77rv77r77rir :: i7iii7r77vYjuXN87 .2OE5Y5FSUJ77 ;;: r; R; 7r7i :::: ::: ii77J5NqNSFL:

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iuEk2u5jL72uUUUvLYjYuYjLY7Juuvv7uUuuj7LLuu5FPFSXBM;., 7BBBk1U51SU125uuv7777v; io io; riiii7777jYujUU12XkJ.

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UPZF1UUjUYU5PFXuL.::::,;;7irr:,;;LLrjYUSXFk1UUXFY,. .U1GBBMMSU10F7. .rUSuUJJr; ii: 7YULj2Uj1u1L. : ii ::,: iri, io,

.U0NFuF55u1FNPqFSL.,:.: R7; :: i: iLPuLjSkXuUjSP0ki. .:; IO ::.; PBMOB8SFqP7 ,,:,. .rY7:. : r77YY152Jv77

, JF0FFX05UUSP0kXE1,.:, Iri :: :: LGSSU1XXvJ21XBki .iJU121YrrNMMMBM01N5i .: J152qL: ..,. .: ..: Y2Lu52jFUS1i ::: ::.,:.:.

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iXXXZFNPXPkX55UPkMBk:. , YGNq2U2k2F5S127i: i, ::,. R7i1BBZPNXPMX :::; iiYPMM5i: iii ::, :: rii: rir: .iXE8ZZq88NJ: … ::,

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… … … …, …: rrvY1UJr :::. .:, ….. …: 7 ,: kM7: L7: ii: .. ……

______) _____ ______

(, / /) (, /), (, /)

/ (/ _ _ / __ / __ _ _ / _ _ / — (_

) / /) __ (/ _ / _ (_ / (_ (_ (_ (___ (/ _) / ____)) (_ (_ (_ / _)

(_ /) / (_ / (.- / (

(_ / (_ /

~~! SD! ~ ~ ~ ~! SD! ~~

– DeGun TPB ~~! SD! ~ ~ ~ ~! SD! ~~

Attivazione digitale per Windows 10 – gennaio 2021

L’attivatore di Windows 10 più semplice potente che può attivare qualsiasi versione di Windows con un solo clic.

È gratuito al 100% privo di virus dal noto sviluppatore Ratiborus.

(solo Windows Defender può pisciare lamentarsi)

Non richiede installazione può funzionare da chiavetta USB.

HWID GEN (noto anche come Hwidgen) è uno strumento per la creazione di licenze digitali che non richiede l’attivazione l’aggiornamento KMS (aggiornamento a Windows più recente da un’installazione Windows precedente) sviluppato da s1ave77 di MDL (My Digital Life). Attiva tutte le versioni/versioni di Windows 10 (comprese le versioni VL) con una licenza perpetua digitale. Inoltre, il processo di attivazione è semplice, non si applica a nessun file di sistema non utilizza chiavi di attivazione che perdono sono state rubate.

HWID GEN è scritto nel linguaggio di scripting AutoHotkey (l’estensione del nome del file .mk3 significa AutoHotkey), incorporando il file (è possibile estrarlo dall’ISO ufficiale di Windows 10) il file open source in GitHub (compilato come file EXE). Pertanto, è possibile completare manualmente l’intero processo di attivazione. La sua politica consiste nell’utilizzare una vulnerabilità in Microsoft per manipolare il registro di Windows per raggiungere un obiettivo di attivazione. criptovaluta Mining malware) che utilizza l’errore di Windows MS17-010 sul tuo computerintrusione. A proposito, penso che l’autore di Adylkuzz sia più intelligente di mentalità aperta. Al contrario, WannaCry è come una mafia assurda!

// Versioni supportate di Windows 10 //

Nuvola (N)

Nucleo (casa) (N)

Core (a seconda del paese)

Core (una lingua) (N)

Professionista (N)

Formazione professionale (N)

Postazione di lavoro professionale (N)

Istruzione (N)

Azienda (N)

Azienda S (N)

Enterprise S (N) 2015

Impresa S (N) 2016

Standard del server (core) (N)

Nucleo centrale del server) (N)

Soluzione server (core) (N)

// Suggerimenti //

Lo strumento esegue diversi controlli di sistema potrebbe richiedere del tempo per apparire (a seconda delle caratteristiche del sistema). Non c’è bisogno di farsi prendere dal panico, aspetta un minuto

Una volta installata la versione della licenza multilicenza dallo standard ISO VLSC MVS Business, è necessario aggiungere una chiave di vendita al dettaglio/OEM per ripristinare l’attivazione.

// Avvertimento //

Questo attivatore potrebbe essere erroneamente segnalato come una minaccia: Win32: malware ad alto rischio. Usa VirusTotal per una scansione completa affidabile.

… :::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::.

… :::: | | :::.

… :::: | ——– ——————————– | :::.

… :::: | | :::.

… :::: | —————————————- | ::: …. :::: | _______________________________________________________ |

Windows 10 Digital Activator v1.3.9 Portable - DeGun TPB.rar


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